Current Projects

MORPHEUS | App for DBT-PTSD exposure treatment with self-management, self-assessment, digital anti-dissociation skills and anti-dissociation alarm. Learn more

MORPHEUS | Available now at the Playstore. Used by Germany's biggest psychotherapeutic institute. 100%

DBT Benchmarking | Research project in cooporation with the University of Applied Science Darmstadt and the Central Institute of Mental Health Mannheim. The Project is funded by the Hessen State Ministry for Higher Education, Research and the Arts

DBT Benchmarking | System to predict dropouts is live 75%

SKILLS | Digital anti-dissociation skills that reduces in 82% the cases dissociative effects (shown by clinical study) to improve the therapy outcome. Learn more

SKILLS | Available now at the Playstore 100%

STATUS | Assessment platform to create questionnaires and perform GDPR compliant surveys. Ambulatory assessment, information visualization, machine learning and speech recognition. Learn more

STATUS | Public Beta available 90%

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Deuschel & Schüller GbR receives scientific funding from the Hessian Ministry of Science and the Arts within the framework of the Research Excellence for the Future of Hessen funding programme (HA-No.: 517/16-29).

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